Saturday, 31 January 2009


Round 12: Days 56-60

Julian Sitko was new to Sullivan. He loved his new apartment but he'd have to do something about the decor. No time for that now though. He was hungry so he headed downtown for a meal at a small diner.

Outside the diner, he came across Collette, a woman he'd taken a liking to and befriended while visiting her parents. He asked her on a date and maybe she was vetting her men more carefully since she'd become a mother but she said no.

Julian did finally get Collette to come in and have a bite with him but only after he agreed to a platonic outing, not a date! They had a common interest in movies, so they spent most of their meal talking about their favourite films.

After they'd finished eating, Julian felt rather bold and pulled a bit of a cheesy move on Collette. She seemed to think it was awfully romantic though, so it had the intended effect.

Collette must have really liked Julian, because he found a small gift outside his doorstep later that night.

Arianna Moretti had rejected Julian earlier than week but she certainly seemed to turn up outside his apartment block a lot for someone who was "not interested". Oh well. It'd be tough luck for her if she'd changed her mind. Julian was the one who was "not interested" now.

And of course, Mina Collins had dropped by to check out the new man in the neighbourhood.

When he was at home, Julian mainly stuck to hanging out with Stan Benton. He'd also made good friends with Aphrodite and Charlton (always good to get the brother on side).

Julian and Collette shared an official date (finally!) at Center Drip on Tuesday night.

They didn't end up drinking much coffee at all though and passed the evening by "getting to know each other".

And probably made the other patrons want to shout out "Get a room!"

Before the night is over, Julian and Collette do just that!

Julian had the next day off and decided to spend it all with Collette. They both head down to the sports park in Exeter for a game of soccer.

Julian played his hardest but Collette blocked every goal.

Any woman who could hold her own like that in a game of soccer is a woman Julian wants around forever.

So Collette and Julian were finally engaged and Collette, especially, was thrilled!

So thrilled that she left a rather extravagant gift for Julian that night.

Random funny:
Probably could have waited until afterwards to ogle the bartender, Julian!

  • I was going to wait until next round for Julian and Collette to get engaged. She rolled up the want on their first date (along with another bloody want to marry Galen, the silly girl!) and I locked it. Julian rolled up the same want right after their soccer game and I couldn't resist!

Friday, 30 January 2009

The denial twist

Round 12: Days 56-60

Almost as soon as Stan, Xanthia and Araminta had moved into their new home, Xanthia was ready to give birth to the newest little Benton.

She was in Araminta's bedroom when she went into labour. Araminta didn't know how to help and called out for her father, but he didn't come.

Thankfully, Xanthia had done it all before and Zelda Sapphira Benton's birth went off without a hitch. Where was Stan though?

Apparently, it had been too long since Stan had cared for a baby because hearing Xanthia's screams had triggered a nervous breakdown.

Xanthia told Stan the only cure was knowledge, so they both made sure they read up on all the latest parenting techniques.

Araminta was enjoying her new neighbours. Unlike the rampant boozing in the townhouses, Aphrodite Harper enjoyed a much more wholesome past time.

Zelda was growing up fast and Xanthia enjoyed motherhood even more the second time around. She was much less anxious about things than she was with Araminta.

She only wished she could stay home with her daughter all the time. Money was tight though and the family really needed Xanthia's salary, so they had to keep the nanny on.

Xanthia enjoyed bonding with her eldest daughter too. One of Araminta's favourite activities was dancing in the living room with her mother. Xanthia figured she'd enjoy it while it lasted. Once Araminta entered the teen years, she'd probably be more interested in dancing with boys than with her mum.

Career wise, Xanthia was doing well. She was now a Master Architect and not far away from being a City Planner like her father. She wasn't sure about the co-worker she brought home though. She seemed...familiar somehow. Xanthia could have sworn she'd seen her lurking around her neighbours' homes at night.

Time flies when you're having fun! Zelda grew into a beautiful little toddler.

Stan tried to get her to try out a few different hobbies but she was more interested in chewing the xylophone mallet than actually making any music with it.

Araminta grew into a teen on the same day. Everyone had expected her to be very academic, given her interest in Science. She took after her mother though and just wanted to have a family. She had absolutely zero interest in college, though she was qualified for a few scholarships.

Having a sister so much younger than her was certainly good practice for when she had her own children.

She didn't babysit Zelda all the time though.

Araminta and Magdalena were as close as ever.

Magdalena was at the Bentons' house almost every day after school and stayed until quite late at night. Xanthia or Stan usually had to push her out of the door!

  • I love playing this triplex, because it now has only my own Sims living in it. Charlton and Aphrodite are in one unit and Julian is in the other.
  • WTF is with a family Sim with only one child having a nervous breakdown over a baby? I've only had that happen when the family has had 3 children or more.
  • The burglar really did come home from work with Xanthia. You would think that a) she'd wear something a little less conspicuous to work and b) she wouldn't need to burgle homes on an architect's salary!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

No answer

Round 12: Days 56-60
Maria was quite lonely since Anton's death. She was glad to have Emil, even if he constantly reminded her of his father.

He was growing up so fast! Emil was already walking and it wouldn't be long before he was starting kindergarten.

Maria had to leave Emil in the house with Raines the butler and nanny most of the day while she was at work but he seemed to occupy himself pretty well. He loved following Raines around while he did the chores and sometimes Raines let him "help" answer the door.

Emil hadn't shown a particular interest for anything over all else, but he did enjoying grabbing at the butterflies that were often flying around the backyard.

When Maria was at home, she found herself constantly fielding phone calls from Adam Gottlieb. They had met when they were both visiting someone else's home and Adam seemed to have become infatuated with her. She tried her best to dissuade him - he was only 18 and still pretty immature!

This week, there was also trouble brewing amongst the help. Raines had tried to kiss Nanny Joanna and had been brutally rebuffed!

He was feeling very sheepish and avoided being in the same room with her for a good while.

Maria was craving some adult companionship, so she got Wally in the car and drove to Peerless Park, the local hangout for Nature Sims.

She managed to meet a few new people...

...while Wally charmed everyone enough to gain quite a few doggie biscuits in return.

They probably didn't find this too charming though. Maria had to hurry him back into the car to get home for a bath. Who knew what he'd got into?

It had been too long since Maria had seen her stepdaughter Mina so she decided to invite her over for dinner.

They were interrupted by yet another phone call from Adam almost immediately, so Maria asked Mina if she would keep an eye on Emil for a few minutes.

Mina had never been faced with a toddler before and wasn't quite sure what to do with him.

Emil was pretty good at telling people what he wanted though, so he and his half-sister were soon making friends.

She even put him to bed in time for Maria to serve dinner. Over dinner, they talked about Anton and about Mina's engagement to Pascal.

It was finally time for kindergarten! Maybe Raines could get some work done without Emil under his feet now! Despite spending much of the morning whining about having to eat his eggs, Maria managed to get Emil off to his first day of school on time.

  • Normally, service NPCs will not autonomously interact romantically while on the job but Emil told them to! I thought it was a glitch that toddlers could influence but I decided to try it last night and to my surprise, it worked!
  • Not sure what's up with Adam but he is obsessed! Tough crap to him, it's not happening! I might let them have a fling so he can get it out of his system but I think that'll be it for them.