Monday, 20 November 2017

Download: Winterlong MA Outerwear

This is something I made for August Goodies at N99 this year (which I think we actually ended up posting in September, due to the Yuku-to-Tapatalk migration) and am only just getting around to sharing here. They're the first clothing recolours I've ever shared!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Middle of the day

Round 37: April 2045 (Autumn)
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Evan Moretti is 56, Ione is 49 and Francesca is 11. 
(Asha is 48, Josh and Elspeth are 31, Louisa is 25, Justin and Xavier are 24, Brendan is 22, Aurora and Bianca are 19 and Gabriel is 18)

Narrated by Ione Moretti

The house is so quiet with just one kid, versus five or even just three. 

Thursday, 9 November 2017

You say it's your birthday, April 2045

Round 37: April 2045 (Autumn)

At the Carmody-Moretti house, the family is adjusting to life with baby Richie.

Richie is the fifth child for Nick and Sarah though, so it’s not as if this isn’t something they’ve all been through many times before!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Extra: Big family portraits!

I take family portraits of my sims all the time but about 10 game years ago, inspired by other simmers, I did a whole bunch of big family portraits. Generally, they are grandparents, their kids and partners and all their grandkids and partners. Or not-yet-grandparents and their grown kids and partners. I've decided to redo them every 10 game years, so I can see how they've changed and rather than throw them in at the end of my regular updates one by one, I thought I'd put them all in one big pic spam post instead!

The Jacobsons
Claudio and Virginia:
          Miles and Matilda:

Miles and Matilda tried for a baby while I was doing this pic - no dice but I'm not expecting much from them. She's 39 already. 

The Sitkos
David and Kirstin:
          Camilla and Charlie Benton:
          Lila and Connor Novak:
          Adelaide and boyfriend Sebastian Gentry

Monday, 30 October 2017


Round 37: March 2045 (Autumn)
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Annabel and Georgina Nott are both 21.
(Lia is 48, Simon is 20 and Sylvia is 19)

Narrated by Annabel Nott

Georgina and I decided we were done with the dorms at the end of last year, so we’re now renting our own place on campus. 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Catch hell blues

Round 37: March 2045 (Autumn)

Sylvia Draper and Alice Jacobson are 19 and Ruby Lane and Ramona Nihill are 18.
(Simon and Matthew are 20)

Narrated by Ramona Nihill

As soon as I found out there was a newspaper here, I decided I had to write for it. So perfect for a journalism major like me! I’ve spent most of my spare time since then putting together some writing samples to submit to them.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Round 37: March 2045 (Autumn)

Matthew and Simon Lane are 20, Aurora and Bianca Moretti are 19 and Gabriel Nott is 18. 
(Brendan is 22, Georgina and Annabel are 21 and Ramona is 18)

Narrated by Gabriel Nott

My sisters Georgina and Annabel moved into their own place on campus at around the same time I arrived.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

You say it's your birthday, March 2045

Round 37: March 2045 (Autumn)

Now that James Novak has fulfilled his promise to retire and both are at home full time, Madelyn is at him to take her away on vacation.

James could probably be described as a little cheap and at the moment, he’s not keen on spending that kind of money. 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Round 37: February 2045 (Summer)
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Dominic Lachance is 35, Leslie is 34 and Stella and Oscar are 5.
(Tatiana is 62 and Chloe is 34)

Narrated by Leslie Lachance

February has been a big month for our family, with Oscar and Stella starting kindergarten and celebrating their fifth birthdays!

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Lot tour: Josh and Elspeth's house

Okay, so here is the requested lot tour of Josh and Elspeth's house. I was sick this week, then busy with work and other things and didn't end up getting a chance to play, so there was no story update on Thursday. I prefer lot tours to be extras rather than in place of story updates but I figure a tour is better than nothing!

Anyway, it's going to be a short one, as it's a pretty small place, really. There is an empty bedroom and an extra bathroom that I haven't shown off. There is also a sizeable backyard but there's nothing in it, so no pics of that either!

Here's the exterior. Normally, I'm pretty good with links but I don't have one for this house! It's from MTS and that's all I can tell you! I'll keep looking and add the link if I find it.